February 28, 2022 – March 3, 2022

ASENT invites you to join us February 28, 2022 through March 3, 2022 for a virtual conference. Each day, scientific sessions will take place from 10:00am-3:00pm. You will find emerging neuroscience, posters and networking as you have at past meetings.

Submit Your ABSTRACT

Present a Poster or Pipeline at the
2022 ASENT Annual Meeting.

Deadline: January 18, 2022

You’re invited to present a poster or pipeline presentation at the ASENT2022 Annual Meeting by submitting an abstract. The deadline to submit is January 18, 2022. The scientific program of the ASENT 2022 Annual Meeting focuses on the latest science in neurotherapeutics including:


Scientific sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Therapeutic Challenges in Rare Neurological Diseases
  • Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapy in Rare Neurological diseases
  • Emerging Brain Lipid Pharmacology for Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Alzheimer’s Disease after Aducanumab
  • Devices and Software as Therapeutics for Substance Use Disorders
  • Translational Bioinformatics in Drug Repurposing and Combination Therapy Development for Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Emerging Science of the Exposome and Its Significance to Neurotherapeutics
  • Innovative Treatments for Rare Neurodevelopmental Diseases
  • Digital Measurement of Functional Status of Patients in Neurological Diseases
  • COVID-19 and the Brain: 2022 Update
  • Repurposing Established Drugs for New Neurological Indications
  • New approaches to pain therapeutics R&D: Models and results from academic and industry Sectors

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Details on Submissions

We encourage you to recycle a poster you have or would have presented at SfN, AAN, ANA, CNS, AD/PD, or any other Neurology Scientific Meeting this year. Or simply give a trainee the opportunity to present their data to the ASENT member community.


Fee: $50


The American Society for Experimental Neurotherapeutics (ASENT) was established for those in academia, government, advocacy and industry who are dedicated to advancing the development of improved therapies for diseases and disorders of the nervous system.


ASENT2022 Annual Meeting will take place Feb 28-March 3, 2022 as a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE and will offer participants the most current information in the field of neurotherapeutics. The meeting draws an international audience, with attendees from more than 30 nations participating in the 2021 event.



Abstracts that have been previously presented at other recent scientific meetings, or submitted for consideration to other scientific meetings, CAN be submitted for consideration to ASENT.


There is a limit of 350 words for the text of your abstract submission. This includes title, abstract body, and spaces, but does NOT include authors and affiliations.


The title should be entered in mixed case (do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS). Do not use formatting tags in the title (with the possible exception of the lowercase tag). The title should use capital letters only where appropriate. Do not use abbreviations in the title unless they are universally understood in the field (e.g. EEG, MRI, PET Scan).


The abstract should describe original research broadly relevant to the goal of ASENT, which is to encourage and advance the development of improved therapies for diseases and disorders of the nervous system. Please check your abstract carefully for typographical errors, misspellings, etc. Case studies are not accepted. Be sure to include data results.


The body of the abstract should be one paragraph with no subheadings but organized as follows:

– A sentence stating the study’s purpose.

– A brief description of methods.

– A summary of the results.

– A statement of conclusions reached. Do not state simply the “the results will be discussed.”

– The body of the abstract should include a maximum of 350 words per abstract.

– Do not include tables or graphs.

– Use of both product and chemical names (capitalized) is acceptable

– Abstracts must be submitted in English and all presentations will be in English.


Literature citations are ordinarily not provided in abstracts. In cases where citations are necessary, these should be included in the body of the abstract and formatted to include First Author, et al, Journal name, Volume: Pages, and Year. Use references sparingly within the body of your abstract. Reference for book chapters should consist of editor, title, city of publication, publisher, year and inclusive pages. References will be included in the total character count.


Use standard abbreviations. For terms that are abbreviated, use the whole word the first time, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Abbreviate journal titles according to Index Medicus, and give year, volume number and inclusive pages.


Please enter all authors in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract. The name of the contact author will appear in the first author position and marked as the presenter. List authors in order followed by affiliations, separated by semi-colons.


All accepted abstracts will be published online in the journal, NEUROTHERAPEUTICS, the official journal of the American Society for Experimental Neurotherapeutics, unless the submitting author requests otherwise.


Abstracts are peer-reviewed by a committee, and all accepted abstracts will be available at the poster sessions. Authors of accepted abstracts will also be considered for a PIPELINE PRESENTATION, which is 5 minutes and 3 slides.

ASENT’s Abstract Review Committee will review and make the final decision of abstract approval based on scientific merit and program considerations. ASENT requires that an author attends the Annual Meeting to present the work. If the first author is not planning to attend the Annual Meeting, then a co-author may present the work. Changes in presenter should be emailed to and include the abstract title, ID number, and the presenter’s name.


All submitters will receive notification of the status of their abstracts in January 2022. Please contact Caroline Foote with any questions about  submissions.