ASENT's goal is to encourage and advance the development of improved therapies for diseases and disorders of the nervous system.




Thank you for attending ASENT 16th Annual Meeting in Bethesda, MD.

 16th Annual Meeting

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A Great New Member Benefit! 


   Professional/social media is empowering organizations, such as ASENT, by providing a valuable platform for sharing, collaboration and education.  ASENT is adding this layer of community collaboration around our existing content through the creation of a private network that we hope will become an important part of our society and a benefit to our members.  Our goal is open peer-to-peer dialogue, thus becoming more relevant to our professional lives and creating many opportunities for a strong, single, central community of colleagues facilitated by your society.  



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Neurotherapeutics Journal Announcement

We are pleased to announce the new Neurotherapeutics ® Impact Factor – 5.904. This Impact Factor places the journal 14th  in Thomson Reuters’ Pharmacology & Pharmacy category (out of 260 journals), 11th in the Clinical Neurology category (out of 191 journals), and 30th in the Neurosciences category (out of 251 journals).  Read more







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Neurotherapeutics® is the official journal of ASENT published by Springer.